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Oh yes! First ever out of town trip namin ‘to ni Nico! 😁

So dapat ba hindi tagalog ‘tong post na ‘to? O taglish? English na nga lang! Hahaha!


OKAY! So we met at 6AM in Cubao. I ate breakfast at Jollibee first because I was too lazy to cook breakfast. We then made our way to the bus terminal near Alimall at 6:30AM which unfortunately doesn’t have buses that would take us to Tagaytay. At 7:20AM, we decided to just go to Starmall Crossing and ride a van going there (shocks! so hard naman this English!) We waited for a few more people to fill in the seats and was on our way to Tagaytay by 8:10AM. As what I can remember, it’s 180php per head from Starmall to Tagaytay (Olivarez Terminal). We arrived at around 10AM. We rode a tricycle and paid 25php each going to People’s Park. It was supposed to cost us 100php, but luckily, we met a couple and decided to share. Hihi!

peplesparkThe last time I visited People’s Park was when I was still in kindergarten. Haha! I think it was during a fieldtrip that we had back then. The entrance fee is 30php per head.

tagaytay-2I don’t know why there’s a lot of people that day.. oh.. it’s a Sunday, that’s why! Haha!

tagaytayHere’s out first Mandatory selfie in Tagaytay!! ❀️

This photo was taken near the Pineapple thingy there. We weren’t able to take a selfie there since there’s a loooooot of people.

I wasn’t able to bring a tripod (coz I have none HAHAHA) so I placed the camera in one of the benches there. Hooray for the camera timer!

We bought bracelets for 20php each and now have “couple bracelets”
Hahahahahahaha! #RelationshipGoals CHAROT!

As you can see, I was laughing so hard because the people were already lining up and they can’t use the stairs because I placed the camera there. Hahaha! Amaziiiiiing!

I took a lot of photos in People’s Park, but I think these photos are enough. Hahaha!
We decided to leave People’s Park at around 11AM. We rode a jeepney in People’s Park for 5php per head so we’ll no longer walk to where we can find jeepneys going to Picnic Grove. We paid 8php each going to Picnic Grove.

Oh yeah! PICNIC GROVE! It’s 50php per head for the entrance fee.

Another mandatory selfie!

We watched people enjoy the things that they were doing that time. A lot of people there would offer you things like a boat ride for two to Taal Volcano for 300php, they’ll let you ride a horse for 50php, blah blah. We didn’t do things that tourists would normally do. We just stayed there and observed people. And oh, we took a lot of photos.

We were watching people enjoying the zipline and old couples’ lambingan before deciding to take this clingy photo. Hahahaha!

We left Picnic Grove at around 12nn.. I think? We were supposed to go to Sky Ranch asap, but I was so hungry from all the walking that we did, so I asked him to go to 7eleven near Picnic Grove. I bought Slurpee and stayed outside for a bit. We then went to Mitchel’s Bistro and ate lunch.

Clingy mandatory shot while waiting for our meal!

We ordered Sinigang sa Miso Lapu-lapu and 2 cups of rice, 1 for each of us. He also ordered a shake (green mango). _dsc0061
Here’s what we ordered. I forgot to take a photo of what was served because we were already hungry and can’t wait to dig in.

We paid 390php for our meal. 280php for the Sinigang sa Miso, 20php each for the cup of rice, and 50php for the green mango shake.

We took a tricycle going to Olivarez Terminal because all of the jeepneys were full. We met another couple and only paid 20php each for the ride. We then rode a jeepney going to Sky Ranch for 7php each.


We arrived at around 3:30PM (or maybe 3PM?) at Sky Ranch. We paid 80php each for the tickets. It’s 50php for weekdays and 80php for weekends and holidays. The promo is from Jan. 9 – Dec. 31, 2017.


We took a lot of photos, but I’ll only be posting some. We bought tickets for the Sky Eye (150php each) and Nessie Coaster (50php each). I was hesitant in getting the photo souvenir at first since we were on a tight budget, but Nico insisted we get the souvenir of our first ever Ferris Wheel ride. HAHAHA

WORTH IT! 100php for the two wallet size photos

We stayed there until 7:00PM. It was super cold that we had to really hold hands forever. Hahaha! We talked a lot and enjoyed the view. The place was packed! We ate at Tokyo-Tokyo afterwards and went home. I paid for our dinner since he paid for everything! Hahahaha

We rode a jeepney going back to Olivarez Terminal (8php each) and took a bus going to Baclaran (77php each). It was really hard finding a bus with few people in it. Luckily, we were able to sit down a few minutes after boarding the bus at around 8:30PM. We arrived in Baclaran at around 10PM and rode another bus going to Cubao for 40php each (since there’s no bus going to SM Fairview).Β  I think I got home at around 12:30AM. It was a long day but it was worth it!

Here’s the breakdown of our expenses (per head) :

  • 180php – van going to Olivarez Terminal, Tagaytay (Starmall Crossing)
  • 25php – trike going to People’s Park
  • 30php – People’s Park entrance fee
  • 13php – 2 jeepney rides going to Picnic Grove
  • 50php – Picnic Grove entrance fee
  • 390php – LUNCH FOR TWO
  • 20php – trike going to Olivarez Terminal
  • 8php – jeep going to Sky Ranch
  • 80php – Sky Ranch entrance fee
  • 400php – RIDES FOR TWO
  • 350php – DINNER FOR TWO
  • 8php – jeep going to Olivarez Terminal
  • 77php – bus going to Baclaran
  • 40php – bus going to Cubao

=2202php for two (I didn’t include the photo souvenir and the couple bracelets that we bought, oh, and also the snacks that we had. HAHA!)

Here’s a video to end this post. ENJOY! And thank you for reading! Goodluck on your DIY Trip to Tagaytay! <3

Trip to Tagaytay 2017