Mga kataga

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Every morning, I awake and think of you. I think of all the reasons why I like you. Why do I like you? Why do I like you..

There are less than a hundred reasons to not like you.. but why do I still like you?

You’re too quiet, too noisy, sometimes too awkward for me. You look silly, too busy, you don’t make time for me. You walk funny. Slouchy? I couldn’t care less. If you still won’t be forward, I won’t be impressed.
You look chubby, too thin, you won’t win in a fight. Your hair’s messy, too neat, too dark like the night. You bark like a dog, will you be alright? You dress nicely, too formal, why not try something else? Never mind, I saw you wear a t-shirt, you didn’t look swell.
You’re too friendly, too gnarly, glad you’re not hermaphrodite. If you’d ask if I like you, I’d hold on for dear life. You’re too selfish, reply less, you make it hard to sleep. If you caught me looking at you, please don’t overthink.
You’re too corny, a joker, you’re not funny, alright? If I said that I love you, would it end like last night? You’re mysterious, indecisive, too right to be wrong. You read books, philosophical, why don’t apply it all?
If I kiss you, yes, I’d kiss you, would it make it all wrong? If I hate you, I don’t like you at all, but why are my feelings this strong? Why do I like you? Why do I like you still..

Today, I think of all the things we can be, might’ve been, and all the things that’ll never be..
But if you’ll love me.. oh. Will you ever love me?