Maybe you thought I laughed inside when you showed me your lego man. You thought I found it annoying so you took it away. I never said anything.. I should’ve said that I like it. That I like you sharing the things that you like to me. I should’ve said that I’d love to go hiking with you. Even if it means that I’ll have to be plain and not wear any makeup. I should’ve told you that I’d cook ramen for you. I’d cook anything for you. I’d love to.. I should’ve told you. You should’ve asked for my hand. You know I would hold your hands, too. I should’ve looked into your eyes a bit longer. I should’ve said your eyes are too pretty that I just can’t get mine off of it. I should’ve smiled more. Maybe you felt that I wasn’t that into you. Maybe you should’ve asked me if I like you, too. Maybe you’re still here. And maybe ‘we’ are existing. Hey, who said I won’t wait for you? You know I would. You know I would..