Maybe I’m just actually believing about us really happening and getting serious and stuff like that. That maybe I should’ve told you that I like you when we first decided to go out. I should’ve held your right hand because I know I’m aching to hold yours as much as you wanted to hold mine. I should’ve kissed you in front of the crowd and let them judge us. I should’ve kissed you for God knows how long, since I’ve been waiting for you, the one, all my life. I should’ve told you that I’ve been dreaming of us almost every night and it’s making me crazy not to think about you when I’m awake. I should’ve believed you that night when your eyes looked like you still wanted to stay. I should’ve been lazy to go home and ate kwek kwek with you, I swear, I should’ve stayed. I should’ve held you tight when I promised to after you’ve waited for almost three hours just to see me. I should’ve been more persistent and insisted to be with you the next day instead of going out with my friends. I should’ve talked to you more on days I know you’re not too busy to reply. I should’ve told you that I love you.. but now you’re gone. Now, how am I supposed to?


사랑해. ㅠㅠ