Mga kataga

There’s this girl you’ve been eyeing for 15 minutes now.. Look at how her dress compliments her curves. The way she flips her hair makes you feel uneasy as you imagine the scent of every strand coming in to your nostrils.. her candle-like fingers that would slide down to your most vulnerable part..
And then *poof!*, an old woman spilled coffee to her perfect little outfit. A shrill sound of cry filled the air. Fuck that bitch. She’s not worth it!

Why is it like this? Men would always consider us, women, one of their weaknesses? Especially when you’re a jet black, straight cut, morena girl. Or maybe a shoulder length, curled, copper brown, fair-skinned one. Life’s too complicated to make it more complicated. Don’t expect anything or anyone to be perfect. How can you ever find someone if you’re looking for no one? I mean, you’re in search of someone who doesn’t even exist. Ohhh, I doubt you’ll ever have a girlfriend. We’re talking about how men, intentionally, look for a girl to show off to his colleagues, and dump her after knowing she can’t handle your oozing confidence and your late-night drinking sessions with guy friends with girls.

Men are crazy, and so are we.
Women are irritating, I know some. I am even irritated to myself sometimes. But I can’t really. I can’t explain why, you see, coz women are crazy bitches. And you cannot trace why someone is crazy, especially a woman.

Oh fuck. Let’s just skip this part.

We should always remind ourselves that beauty fades. In 10 years or more, women/men would grow old. All the fine lines the tv ad is talking about will not be lessen with application of creams.
Okay, so you should love someone not because they’re physically attractive or whatever. Just think of it as a bonus. The reason that you should be having is that she is an honest, giving, loving, and the nicest person you’ve ever met. True that! Everything might change but the insides are the hardest to beat for it takes time and suffering and bad experiences to be evil. Come on, what’s the use of beauty if the brain is empty? Okay. Random.

Just like what my teacher said…

Booyah! Can’t wait for Valentine’s Day!!! Enjoy folks!



Oh! Don’t forget to watch FEU THEATER GUILD’S “AGNOIA” directed by DUDZ TERAÑA! :D
@ FEU Auditorium – 3pm & 7pm – FEB. 7-9


A pre-Valentine’s Day celebration with your loved ones! :D