Life is exceptionally cool without you liking someone. Be it the opposite or the same sex, it makes no difference. It’s the same thing. The only thing you need is yourself, your friends, and your relatives. Think as if you’re God or someone independent. You don’t need a spouse to last your days.. A PARTNER COMPLICATES THINGS!

Look at this this way.. I know all of you have watched action films, especially when there are cops or maybe agents that have partners or “buddies”, if you prefer that term, that they have to protect each other, or simply make sure the other one is safe and unharmed. That is bullshit when you apply that shit on someone you’re with at this moment. BREATHE. Life is easier without a lovelife.

Here are some reasons why I enjoy being single:

  • You need not to celebrate weeksaries, monthsaries, and anniversaries.
  • You need not to give presents that: 1. Takes a lot of time to look for; 2. IS EXPENSIVE; 3. Is special and worth throwing away when he/she decided to finally break your heart and the things you reminded him/her of the love you once have that went off.
  • You share what you got to yourself.
  • No one’s gonna brag or nag.
  • You won’t get pregnant or get someone pregnant. Well, exception’s all yours if you’re a slut, and if you put your thing to all kinds of holes, or whores..
  • You can study better.
  • Your friends won’t get jealous for there’s no one to fuck you when they need you.
  • You get prepped up most of the time looking for someone to flirt with. (I don’t really do that. LOL)
  • No one owns YOU!

Having a boyfriend/girlfriend makes your life a one-push-pain-prone one! It’s sick! Especially he/she is only liking you for your wealth, physical appearance, intelligence, appeal, strength, or whatever. Ugh. Die now.