People don’t always get over a heartache, a heartbreak, or even a break up. We don’t really get over, we only accept that hurting is like a cycle. You get over, you remember, and you break down.. and then you get over.

We don’t forget. We don’t stop. We get stronger.

I personally don’t believe that a day would make you forget a person. You only have to believe that one day, it won’t count. Feelings are present when we look back, and when we look forward to what the future may bring, we step back. Seeing photographs and flashbacks are unbearable to one whose heart has been broken and whose mind’s capable of thinking that it’ll never be the same, and will never be okay, that even after forgetting, there’ll always be a backup memory of those shitty things that’ll bring tears to ones eyes.

Things will never be the same. We may forgive, but forgiving is too mainstream to weak and (in)sensitive people. It’s bullshit. We are forced to let go when we are getting there, and so, people are like chicken turds. The world is cheap. We get dumped anywhere. I doubt people will understand if they don’t understand themselves.


I will never forget. I would always remember.. and you’ll never get over me.