I waited long.. but you can’t blame me. I still believe that everything will fall back in place, and he’ll reach for my hand again.

Days grew colder. Like summer’s not herself this year. It’s almost April, and papers are rapidly torn off from cement walls. Last year, not a single drop of rain fell. The scorching sun made every living creature beg for clouds to gather round the sky and share some of its belongings. But it ignored everyone, and made days hard for workers under it. Now, cries would be heard and tears would fall exaggerately. People would be seen dancing with tears falling from the sky. It was an unforgettable sight. I wrapped myself up, and proceeded to work for next year’s prerequisite, and smiled at the sun while it hides itself.

It happened last year. I went with a friend to watch him play. I tried not to, but I shouted and cheered.. and they won. I was given a chance to talk to him, but I froze.. and wasn’t able to make a move. Checkmate! I blinked.. he’s gone. It was too late, he’s gone too far before I can even catch up. I got disappointed after wasting an opportunity.

Last year, we also had childish events and selfish arguments. But we’d always listen to explanations, and at the end of the day, we still end up sweet and one of those relationship enthusiasts.

Serendipity’s too late in finding us. You see, I asked for him. Literally. But cupid did the right thing. I hope..















Okay.. Bye.