I find it annoying, but I love the way you smile.
I love staring at you while you pretend you’re sleeping, when I really don’t want to observe the way you slowly open your eyes.
There’s this one thing I like whenever we’re together..
We’d hold hands that would feel like forever.

It’s funny how you mimic my actions
and how I see myself pout when I look at you.
I love it when you would hold my hips,
and wish that we stay long enough in this.
These times are not to be forgotten..
These times when I’m with you.. are the times I really miss.

I love the way you smell, with or without perfume.
I’ve never touched your hair, but I think it looks good on you.
Your voice sounds seductive, even if most of the time, you have flu.
I still browse your page once in a while, and I’ll always be here, stalking you.

I have loved you by day. Thought of you all night.. I wish I would have you here all through out my life.
I remember how I got jealous and how you made me cry..
I’m sorry if I’m stupid and wasted most of your time..
But I have loved you always, you know it’s not a lie.

– for my beau.