We, bloggers, tend to blog about anything and everything under the sun. We blog about the latest trends, news, events, politics, movies, theater plays, exhibits, what we think about others, our feelings, our friends, families, lovelife, enemies, rants, our everyday lives and a lot more.

Love is what I love to blog most. It’s like there would always something to represent it and there’s always something you can share or you can say about it. If you’ve read my blog from the first post to the latest, you’ll notice that 90% of my posts is about love. What I felt before and why I suffered. What made me happy and what made me worst. Who I fell inlove with and who I’d like to spend my forever. It connects everything and anything.. and made my blog earn a lot of readers and subscribers. I don’t know why every time I would have WordPress in my fingers, I would always narrate what happened to us (lovey) whenever we’d hang out together. You know, I really feel happy after sharing it to the whole world wide web. Of course, without my mom knowing. Hahaha!

Okay, enough on what I blog most. Let’s now talk about what I know that you should know about blogging.

First, you should know what you love to talk about most and what topics you are comfortable to discuss and to share with your readers. Well, you can even blog about things you’re not likely to blog. Haha!

What to blog:

You can blog whatever you want as long as someone would be interested in reading it. Ha!

You can blog short stories, movie reviews, adventures, events, and all the things I’ve mentioned above. If you would repost or reblog something/pictures from anyone (co9-bloggers lol), you should mention or give credits to them by putting their name or url or whatever on your entry and put the link below. Or just simply paste the link on your entry. (what I learned in our journalism class)

You can blog about your pets and friends and family members! You can describe them, or you can even share why you love or hate them. It’s up to you.

You should blog things that you love because they give off positive energies to your readers. Happy things and cool stuffs attract people. I admit that sometimes I blog things that makes people sad or angry or whatever. But I make sure that it only evens out the happy posts I have. Haha! Because having happy posts all the time is too predictable. Ugh.

What not to blog:

Here, I can share a lot.

Never ever ever ever blog about your professors and teachers, because these kind of posts spread like virus.

Never ever ever blog bad things about your parents coz they might refrain you from using your computer. Or even take your precious stuffs away. Or even your allowance for a year… Shit. But to those who are not with their parents anymore.. lucky bitches.

Never ever ever mention your crush’s name if you know he/she is reading your blog. Or maybe you can by using an alias. Hahaha!

Never ever ever blog bad things about your friend if you know that he/she is reading your blog. Or else, you’ll be experiencing FO. FRIENDSHIP OVEEEEER.

Never ever ever forget to read your entry for the second time to look for mistakes.

Never swear.

Never make up stories involving news or events because people might get angry at you.

Never ever ever ever ever say bad things about yourself because you might lose some readers or even friends. But it’s up to them they’ll hate you or not. Haha!

Okay. I’m out of words. Bye! Hope you enjoyed and learned something from me. Lol!