My friends and I decided to go to Coffee Prince for an afternoon snack after finding out that CCP is not open for public on Mondays. I wasn’t in the mood so I got my laptop and asked for the wifi’s password instead of ordering. Lica ordered a bolonese pasta and iced cappucino, a veggie sandwich and special autumn coffee for Alex, iced mocha for Cellyn, and seafood marinara for Nina. They were busy enjoying their food while chatting with me. I couldn’t help it, so I ordered a hot cappucino, and a shrimp marinara. Fuck, how am I suppose to save money for that wedge I’ve been eyeing for a week now?! Well, anyway, as I was sipping my cappucino, flashbacks of what happened in KFC came..

Friends – Lunch – Jake – Bye – Goodbye kiss – FAIL

Hope you get what I’m trying to say.

I like him coz my friends would always remind me that I like/d him. I really don’t like the feeling at first. It’s kinda awkward. But it’s great.

We would talk on Mondays.. on Tuesdays.. Thursday.. and Fridays.. It’s kinda cool, you know. One time, he approached me, then all my friends went away to leave us alone. Ha! He asked me if I was still sick, and then he greeted me a good morning. We talked about school, our subjects, and a little of ourselves. It’s great to have him. To finally have someone different to talk with other than my friends.. He got it all. Well, not really. But there’s something in him that always pulls me back whenever my mind would try to tell me that I shouldn’t. That I shouldn’t fall. love.. or whatever. But I really can’t help it. I can/’t afford to lose him? Hmmm.. I guess? But really, there’s something in him that keeps me close.. closer.. and it gets scary every time.

Attachment. The sound of it can knock me out in one snap. Unconscious.. can even give me a mild heart attack! I guess I’m acting like this because of what happened before. You know.. the EX issue. What if I’m the only one? What if he’s not interested? What if he’s too kind and gentle to say it to my face that he really don’t like me. What if he likes someone else? What if were not ready yet? What if people would judge us? What if… what if this is only a dream? An infatuation, I suppose? That would only last for three days? Argh. Silly me, It’s like two months now and I’m still into him! What if?! There’s a lot of what ifs in my mind. Endless, stupid, risk-taking question. I really don’t know what to do.. or what to say.

I like him. Should I explain further?