I would always end up drinking with my friends. Learned to huff and puff and some of the not-so-good stuffs you can think of. Be with a group of party goers and the mean girls. Would go home at two in the morning, and would drown myself hard in the shower. T’was a messy lifestyle. I would most of the time pig out and sleep ’til evening news, and sleep again the next morning. Same routine ’til I finally got over him. But I really don’t know how I got over him. Guess I got tired and was too lazy to think about him every time I’m going to sleep and after having a short one.

I pretended not to care after seeing him with his “new girlfriend”. My heart got shattered to pieces, realizing that this is not yet over and I’m just starting to turn into a lonesome girl who was dumped by her ex lover. Or was it me who dumped him? Can’t recall. Liquor’s effective after all.

We’re friends now.. I guess? My friends would never stop teasing me whenever he’s around, even when he’s with that bitch. I tried to act normal and boring, but I’d always end up walking away and raising my fist up high with my middle finger waving at them. We’ll of course that’s rude.. But don’t worry, I do it all the time.. in my mind. I’d never regret anything, even the day when I realized that I love him. And that I would never miss the chance on having to be his girlfriend. EX girlfriend.

He’s my age, height, weight, and a lot more. We share plenty of common interests, yet we still argue at some things. He would call me up and talk ’til sunrise, kiss me in the forehead, give me a hug, make me feel special and happy, and would sing me a song. He got this prince-like gestures and attitudes. You know, like prince charming type of guy, the one you can call your knight and shining armor. And the most exciting part is that I got to be with him everyday for being his classmate. He’s sweet. Too sweet. That’s why I’d get jealous with his girl friends. I’m not the only one he’d say I love you to.. Not the only one he’d think of.. It felt like I don’t truly have him for myself. It’s not that I don’t like sharing him to the people around him.. It’s just that I don’t feel special anymore as days being his girlfriend went by.. It’s like you bought a bag of chips and all of your friends ate it all up before you get the feeling of satisfaction of having to eat it all up by yourself.

Happy endings happen for a reason, and mine’s finally getting over him and for him to finally forget his highschool ex girlfriend and finding the so-called true love on my friend. That bitch. I pity myself most of the time.. But after that break up, I told myself to make beautiful things and to improve myself. Now, I’m more dependent on my red lipstick.