I wander about once in a while. Smiling to faces I’ve known for a couple of years now. But I sometimes feel a frown whenever people would look at me with those eyes.. scrutinizing and finding such stories to please themselves. I can simply just give away what they’re asking for. A snob for breakfast, a middle finger for lunch, and a make-face for dinner.

I tend to do stuffs for fun. Like trying to act bitchy with my friends. Those things get normal as the pages of calendars fly. It’s like a routine, where everything is in place, and like lazy people does, do it just the way you use to everyday. But when something happens or interupts, you just lose it all completely.

I wake up as early as seven o’ clock every school day, just before I can smell coffee. I take a bath and groom myself before any member of the family grab their breakfast. I like staying outside, in the garden, before going to school. I find it very relaxing to feel the wind on your face and the smell of morning air is just refreshing.

I travel for an hour a day just to get early to school, and yes, I belong to a group of people who is not a fan of traffic and rush hours. I would get a load of music and candies for survival, and would always pray for a safe trip and would ask boredom to not lay its finger on me.

I’m a first-row chick in school. I get high grades, faces problems with high heels on, and craves for a Shirley Temple every time. I have a superb circle of friends to hang with every vacant hours, and to share my deepest insights and interests on things. I love them, and I value those bitches. Until I got close to Jake.. Then everything’s messed up.

T’was a tiring afternoon after reading the script with the actors and screaming every after 2 minutes in my brain. We’ve picked the best so far, even though sometimes, at the back of my mind, I wish to share the stage with them.

We goof around a lot. I like spending time with them, especially with Jake. Classmates would tease us randomly each day, even on days we would not see each other. I like him, as a friend.. But I would always ask myself, that if it’s possible, would I fall for him too if he falls for me?

Love. That’s a big problem.. I hate dealing with it especially on its season. I had this boyfriend two years ago. We were an item.. the couple of the year, I must say. But were through later that summer. I use to think about him a lot. But it’s over now. At first, I was scared. I don’t know what’ll happen or what could’ve happened if I didn’t do what my heart would always ask for of me. I’m glad I did. Glad I got over it..


I would love to finish this asap, but… but I just can’t. LOL too busy.