Everything was back to normal. Until last week, when he said he was busier than ever, I realized that I wasn’t really that important to him.

So I texted him last night. For the last time..

” Fuck you and your dreams. :'( Fuck your promises and all the lies you’ve told me.. :'( I hate you.. I hate you for all the things that you’ve said to me. To all the things you never shared with me.. To all the lies you’ve been telling me. I hate you.. :'( I hate you for having someone else behind my back.. I hate you :'( I’d hate you forever… “

I felt cheap afterwards..

I should’ve never sent him the message.

No Good Morning, No Good Night. Not a text message was sent from him.
I waited all day..

It’s five days before Christmas. And I would be celebrating it just like last year.. Zero lovelife.
But hey, no big deal. I don’t need him anyway. I need no man to make me happy this year. Lol. Better luck next year ;)