I’m fine. But then I thought, I should be great. Not just fine.

So here I am, constantly thinking of ways to get rid of you. Out of my mind. Out of my hypothalamus. But you won’t quit. I would still end up thinking of you in the middle of the night, during lunch breaks, exams, quizzes, and whenever I fix my hair.

I could still feel your kiss on my right cheek that night. It was pretty weird, you know. It’s almost a month now. But still, I can’t get over it. I wish I said I love you, too. And how I wish I kissed you before.. the way I wanted to kiss you.

I still hope we can still be together one day. Someday. I would never give up on you, you know that. I love you, and I always will. But I really don’t have the guts to show it. Or prove it. It’s just that I sometimes don’t believe in us anymore. It’s too predictable.


You would say sorry. Then I’ll accept you immediately thinking that you might change your mind. I’ll say that it’s okay for I love you. With arms and heart wide open. So yeah, we would see each other daily. Then you’ll be leaving me again after thinking that I’m too much of a bore. Demanding, bossy, crazy bitch, which is definitely not true, I tell you. And I would see you with this bitch. Then I’ll be depressed, fucked up, and wasting virgin coconut pulp tissues to make my eyes less watery. And the cycle goes on.  

See? Too predictable.

This is what I’m going to do to end up this heartache, heartbreak, or whatever you call it.

  • I will not text/call/pm you
  • Will probably stay away from places you most of the time go to.
  • Will never make the first move.
  • Will stop stalking you in FB :))))))) FUCK YEAH!
  • Will be focusing more on other things like school projects. LOL
  • Will delete your number.
  • Will throw all the things that reminds me of you.
  • Will delete/forget all the dates, months, events we’ve shared together </3
Tada! Now I’m bored. And my eyes hurt. GTG.
Babe, don’t mind me. I just can’t accept the fact that we’re not that into each other anymore. I’m sorry..
I’m sorry if the only time I would text you is when I’m about to sleep. It’s because I’d still want you to know that I’m still here.. alive and kicking.. thinking of you before going to bed.