As I was searching for something good to reblog in Tumblr, I saw a picture (screen cap) of Lauren Young’s last post on Twitter. And the fffffff!!


And my initial reaction was..



“No.. this can’t be happening!!! Tangama!!”

I rushed to the comfort room where my sister is doing her thing that time and I was like…

“Tangina Justine! Patay na si AJ Perez!!!”

And she was like..

“ANO?! ANO?!”

And I thought to myself..

“Puta bingi naman nito, patay na nga si AJ Perez e!!! *saddest emoticon here*

I really can’t believe it! We are of the same age! FFFF!  So I googled it, then searched more tweets, and posts on FB, and from other blogs.. and, and, ANDDD.. Oh no. The truth really does hurt. He’s gone already. :|

This is the story. (As what I’ve heard)

AJ Perez, and five other companions (including his father) were on their way back to Manila from a show in Dagupan City. Then, somewhere in Tarlac, a trailer truck hit their van (direct hit where AJ is peacefully sleeping..) then he was rushed into the nearest hospital. But according to the news, he was DOA (dead on arrival) due to multiple head injuries. (time of death – 12:20am)  *correct me if I’m wrong*

here is his last tweet before the accident..


And before I forget, his family decided to donate his cornea to Ms. Fatima Soriano. :) KUDOS!

Antonello Joseph “AJ” Perez

February 17, 1993 – April 17, 2011

May you rest in peace. We will miss you. :(

His remains arrived at 4pm in LSGH and will be there until Tuesday afternoon. *Public Viewing  (The Buzz – ABS-CBN)